At Heal Outside the Box, we believe in creating healthy lifestyles. Our philosophy stems from the idea that the body possesses its own regenerative powers, and that the cells in our bodies are equipped with the ability to repair and survive.

Some of the tools we use in our programs to accomplish personal healing goals are:

  • Stress management tips
  • How to create positive thinking
  • Holistic cleansing and detoxification
  • Learning to find your “inner spark”
  • Herbal formulas
  • Raw foods and whole foods
  • Setting realistic goals for physical activity



About the Founder

Desireé La Perle is an Herbalist and Wellness Coach.  Years before forming Heal Outside the Box, Desireé graduated from Capri College of Beauty Culture.  Her varied background in Cosmetology, Wellness Coaching and Herbalism is the cornerstone for helping clients feel and look their absolute best.

Desireé’s aspiration is to help individuals create a renewed level of health; get their lives back on track, and provide unconditional support on their road to lifestyle improvement.  Desireé’s passion with holistic health emanated from her healing journey with an aggressive Cancer, Major Depression and other illnesses.  Experiencing the benefits of natural modalities first-hand, she coalesced her personal healing techniques and holistic training into a system of wellness programs that work with the body’s restorative powers.