Master Reset Method

Reset your health...


Master Reset Method

Reset your life and health with the Master Reset Method! This is a customized program for individuals who are serious in their endeavors to create powerful health and vitality…naturally! This program is directed at correction of abnormal health destroying conditions that lead to development of disease and/or illness.

The Master Reset Method takes a holistic approach to dramatically diminishing health challenges in a practical but exceedingly effective manner. After completing this customized program, you’ll have a NEW level of health and polished outlook regarding your ability to remain healthy! Start living the life you deserve!




At the consultation, we will discuss what led you to seek the help of a holistic practitioner, your current health concerns and family health history.  We will also discuss your lifestyle factors, food program, and stress levels.  At the conclusion of your consultation, we will then deliberate about what holistic solution would be best suited for you based on the information gathered.


Master Reset Method Guide

The Master Reset Guide contains your customized health restoration program.  This Guide not only supplies you with a wealth of information to get started with living a healthy lifestyle, it also covers your personalized wellness plan that is updated bi-weekly according to your health needs.  A review of your current health will be addressed at every session.


Wellness and Holistic Coaching Sessions

Instead of struggling with transitioning to a healthier lifestyle alone, you will receive the support of a wellness professional to help you stay on track throughout the program. You will be educated on how to make practical and lasting changes that can be incorporated on the daily basis. These are one hour bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions. We will discuss what health shifts have occurred since our previous session, preceding week’s successes, work out the kinks in any challenges, and set new goals. A segment of your personalized health restoration program will also be incorporated.


Cleansing and Detoxification Sessions

You will be guided on how to properly detoxify accumulated waste and toxins safely out of your body. You might ask, “Why is detoxification important?” Detoxification is the process of clearing and eliminating harmful toxins out of your body. When an illness or disease is present, your body is having difficulty eliminating the toxic overload. When one of your eliminative organs (liver, skin, lungs, kidneys, and bowels) is not working at its optimum, we can develop anything from low energy, asthma, and fibromyalgia to more deadly illnesses such as cancer.


Healthy Shopping Course

Not knowing what food to buy can be frustrating, discouraging, and can hinder your progress on your path to a healthier lifestyle. Depleted or altered foods eventually lead to deficiency complications. Certain foods overtax your kidneys and liver causing an overabundance of health problems. With this course, you’ll learn how to shop for healthy foods, what ingredients to be cognizant of, and how to properly read labels so that you can shop for groceries with confidence!


Immune System Support

The immune system job is to neutralize and remove any invading organism. When the immune system is overworked or when nutrients essential to produce healthy white blood cells are lacking, our immune system cannot do its job. You will receive herbal support that boosts the function of the immune system for the body to respond better to invading organisms.


Intensive Bowel Regenerative Program

Did you know that most people are carrying around pounds of fecal matter stored in their colon?  The root of many ailments, including bowel diseases, is faulty bowel function and an imbalanced diet.  A vital step to healing and good health is detoxification of the bowel. The bowel is the monarch of the elimination systems. Through the use of natural supplements, the bowel cleansing program will assist with pulling out toxins and deposits to assist in returning the bowel to proper function.


Intensive Liver and Gallbladder Rejuvenation Program

The liver processes everything you eat and metabolizes the useful elements for cell maintenance and repair.  If you’re degenerating your liver and gallbladder, you may experience jaundice, gall stones, fatigue, constipation, eczema, hormonal problems, anxiety disorder, loss of libido, indigestion, and sluggishness. When the liver is overtaxed and starts to lose its function, there is very little warning. This segment will help flush and remove sediments from your liver and gallbladder and assist with cleansing these organs.


Intensive Kidney and Bladder Rejuvenation Program

Kidney disease is a silent and deadly killer. Certain food programs overburden your kidneys and destroy kidney cells. The fewer remaining cells have more trouble filtering out the toxins your body must dispose of. These toxins get backed up in the bloodstream. Kidney stones, urinary tract infections, incontinence, hypoglycemia, anemia, lower back pain, high blood pressure, and bloating can be symptoms of kidney and bladder dysfunction. This program provides herbal nutrition for the kidneys and bladder, strengthens the urinary tract walls and muscles and help clear out sedimentation.


Stress Management

Chronic stress can have a grave impact on our psychological and physical health. A positive mental attitude enhances your resistance to physical disease. You will be provided with extremely powerful tools to lessen and manage stress in your daily life. You’ll also learn to recognize triggers that create added stress.


Parasite Sweep

The New World Health Organization classifies parasites as among the six most harmful diseases to humans. A parasite is an organism that lives off other organisms, or hosts, to survive. They can live in your skin, muscle, brain, liver, and intestines. Parasites have the ability to secrete substances that are toxic to your body. People worldwide are becoming victims of parasitic infections…including America. Are you creating an environment for unwanted visitors to live inside your body? With the parasite sweep segment, parasites and their eggs won’t stand a chance in your body!


Natural Skin Care

Your skin is the largest elimination organ and is often referred to as the third kidney. The skin eliminates about two pounds of toxic material a day. Taking care of the skin and making sure it functions properly decreases the toxic load on the body’s other elimination organs. With this segment, you will be furnished with the instruments to properly care for your skin to ensure optimal performance.


Candida Cleansing Program

This cleansing program assists with diminishing a problem that affects 75% of the population (men and women) called Candida Overgrowth. Candida Albicans is a natural part of your body’s ecology. However, an overgrowth can lead to fungal infections, seasonal allergies, skin rashes, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, digestive, issues, fatigue and more. Candida overgrowth can also contribute towards a weakening of adrenal gland function and thyroid function. Underactivity of adrenal glands can lead to inadequate hormonal secretions and produces symptoms which include extreme fatigue, depression, dry skin and sensitivity to cold.


Hormonal Health

Hormonal levels affect many vital functions in your body. It is crucial to take steps to help keep your hormones balanced. Hormonal imbalance can result in depression, insomnia, belly fat, irregular menstrual cycles, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido to name a few. With learning the identifying factors that contribute to hormonal dysfunction along with herbal support, you will be able to bring balance into your life and feel better than ever!


Nutrient Dense Supplement

The United States is one of the most overfed countries but is also one of the most malnourished nations.  It is medically a recognized fact that even minor deficiencies of one or more of the vital nutritive factors will lower the body’s resistance to disease and lead to a variety of health problems. Master Reset Method comes with a nutrient dense, plant-based supplement that is easy for the body to assimilate. This formula is a health-promoting energy source that provides all the proper elements to help you reach optimum health.


Intestinal Support

The bowel is the most important organ in the body to care for because good health starts in the bowel! When the bowel is not properly cared for, its responses become sluggish and underactive. Chronically constipated and sluggish intestines lead to autointoxication. If waste cannot be expelled and accrues in the body, disease walks in. Herbal intestinal support can help with the process of cleansing, strengthening and toning the bowel, so it is able to perform vital tasks.


Investment for 20-week program:  Starting at $999 per month.

  • During this 20-week program, you will not need to buy nutritional or herbal supplements! Nutritional supplements and all herbal formulas are included for the entire program!
  • New clients for this program are accepted by referrals only.