New Changes at Heal Outside the Box!


Hi everyone!

Heal Outside the Box has a new look! For clients and past visitors, welcome back. If this is your first time visiting this site, hello and thanks for stopping by. There are new programs being introduced and I’m so excited to get you familiarized with them! Within the next week, a “Frequently Asked Questions” page will be added to provide further clarification regarding services offered.



If you sent an email message through this site while it was under construction and did not receive a response, do not hesitate to send another. There were glitches with the functionality of the contact form during maintenance mode and certain emails weren’t delivered. Heal Outside the Box always responds to emails within one business day.



Under Services, you will see two new programs: Beginner’s Bliss and Wellness Tune-up. These programs are very effective in boosting your level of health and getting you on track to a healthier way of living. A few individuals were intimidated by a full body detoxification program so I developed a structured, less complex plan that assists with creating a healthier version of YOU! For customized programs, only a very limited number of clients per year will be accepted due to time constraints.



This is a pinned post so when visiting the home page, be sure to scroll below this post to view the most recent blogs. Subscribe to the mailing list to be informed when a blog is published and for the latest news. I will make a concerted effort to post a blog on the 1st and 15th of every month. Be sure to peruse through the published blogs for various tips on healthy living. Take care and I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!