U-Turn Program


The U-Turn program is a health building program that tackles your health challenges naturally and assists with meeting your health goals. This nutrient rich program is designed to assist with improving your digestion, increasing your energy levels, and enhancing your overall well-being. A lot of people want to eat right, feel better, and live a healthier lifestyle. However, they get discouraged because they don’t know where to start or just simply lack motivation. With the U-Turn program, you’ll know where to start and have the enthusiasm to keep going.


U-Turn is also a structured wellness plan for individuals who are ardent about making lasting changes to their health and lifestyle. Health and wellness coaching along with herbal detoxification are combined to help you rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. You’ll be supplied with the tools, lifestyle action plan, and support to help you make a 180 degree turn with your life! If you want a fresh start or seeking to rebuild your health, this 12 week rejuvenation program is for you!



[one-half]Wellness and Holistic Coaching

These are 45 minute bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions where we’ll be employing the U-Turn health building program. We will also be executing different stress exercises that can be done at home or in the office. The sessions will assist with helping you make lasting modifications to your body and mind. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle will be second nature and you’ll reap the rewarding benefits your new life will bring![/one-half]

[one-half last]Holistic Cleansing and Detoxification

With the guidance of an Herbalist, you will learn how to correctly and most importantly effectively cleanse accumulated waste safely from your eliminative organs. The cleansing segment of the program addresses your major eliminative organs in proper order and with proper amount of time allotted for each. This ensures the most success and the least discomfort (if any) while cleansing. We will also go over detoxing your mind…which includes toxic people. Cleansing is the key to keeping your body rejuvenated both inside and out![/one-half]


[one-half]Healthy Eating and Shopping Course

Herbalist, Wellness Coach, Holistic HealthDepleted or altered foods eventually lead to deficiency complications. Certain foods overtax your kidneys and liver causing an overabundance of health problems. You will learn about foods to avoid that can degenerate your health, age you faster, and make you sick. A wholesome, delicious food program that’s easy to adhere to will be incorporated. You will also be educated on genetically modified foods, how to differentiate between organic and conventional foods, and how to properly read labels so that you can shop for groceries with confidence! Shopping lists will be furnished to get you better acquainted with your regenerative food program.[/one-half]

[one-half last]Bowel Regeneration Program

Since switching over from the SAD (Standard American Diet), a low fiber nutritionally deplete program, your digestion is probably out of whack. If you’re not eliminating waste from your bowels every day, you’re working your way to disease. With the aid of digestive and elimination herbs, this program will make sure that waste is coming out of your bowels as intended.

Did you know that the highest numbers of bowel disturbances are found in industrialized nations? Constipation, diverticulitis, leaky gut, and colitis to name a few. Colon cancer is the number two cancer in the United States. The root of many ailments including bowel diseases is faulty bowel function and an imbalanced diet. As a result, this combination leads to autointoxication (when the body absorbs too much of its own waste). From constipation to IBS, this segment will assist in pulling toxins and deposits out of the colon, strengthening intestinal muscles and bowel function, and pulling out hardened fecal matter.[/one-half]

[one-half]Liver & Gallbladder Cleansing Program

One of the liver functions is to purify the body and filter the blood as it travels throughout the circulatory system. When the liver and gallbladder are malfunctioning, many conditions may result: jaundice, gall stones, fatigue, constipation, eczema, hormonal problems, anxiety disorder, depression, loss of libido, indigestion, and sluggishness. Cleansing the liver and gallbladder in conjunction with a nutritional supportive program can help restore their original efficiency and alleviate most symptoms of dis-ease.[/one-half]

[one-half last]Kidney & Bladder Cleansing Program

IncontinenceThe buildup of calcified stones in the urinary system can lead to fluid retention, weight gain, and dozens of disease symptoms. Urinary tract infections, incontinence, hypoglycemia, anemia, lower back pain, high blood pressure, and bloating can be symptoms of kidney and bladder dysfunction. This program provides specific herbal nutrition for the kidneys and bladder, strengthens the urinary tract walls and muscles, and cleans out mineral deposits.[/one-half]


[one-half]Plant Based Nutritional Supplement

You will receive a 12 week supply of a plant-based, mineral and vitamin supplement. This supplement is an organic source of whole foods which makes it easy for your body to assimilate.[/one-half]

[one-half last]Parasite Detox

ParasiteA parasite is an organism that lives off of other organisms, or hosts, to survive. Parasites are all around us and they cause an array of diseases in humans. They live in your skin, muscle, brain, liver, and intestines. The parasite cleansing segment will gently remove unwanted visitors and their eggs.[/one-half]


[one-half]Top 5 Must-Haves in Your Home

Health Benefits of CayenneThis information packed session will provide the top 5 herbs to always have in your home and how to use them when disaster strikes. These herbs can be used in first aid situations or when you come down with a nagging cold. Adding these herbs to your everyday routine will help keep you healthy and save your life.[/one-half]

[one-half last]Immunity Formula

The immune system’s job is to destroy pathogens and to protect you from infections. This immunity formula will help the body respond better to invading organisms such as viruses causing colds and flu. It will also assist with boosting the immunity of those with weaker immune system such as individuals who are overworked or are under a great deal of stress.[/one-half]

[blockquote]Cost of 12 week program:

 $399 per month!  Only $299 per person for additional participants![/blockquote]