Wellness Tune-up

Attain more energy...naturally!


Wellness Tune-up


If you are looking to tune-up your body but not quite ready for a full body detoxification program, the Wellness Tune Up is your perfect match! This 8-week program integrates the rudiments of healthy living with bowel detoxification. Bowel detoxification aids in better assimilation of nutrients, a boost of energy and a flatter stomach!

In addition, this holistic program covers how to increase your level of immune-system function and regimens to ensure the largest elimination organ is eliminating toxic waste as intended. Take the steps to enhance your quality of life!


Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and the rates have risen (especially rectal cancer) for people under age 50.


Wellness Tune-up includes:


Wellness Tune-up Guide

The Wellness Tune-up Guide supplies you with an ample amount of information to get started with living a healthy lifestyle. It covers your wellness plan for the 8 weeks, including your daily regimen, in a user-friendly manner. You will learn about a new style of eating, non-toxic selections for your hair and skin, and holistic strategies to improve your well-being. 

Immune System Support

The immune system job is to neutralize and remove any invading organism. When the immune system is overworked or when nutrients essential to produce healthy white blood cells are lacking, our immune system cannot do its job. You will receive herbal support that boosts the function of the immune system for the body to respond better to invading organisms.

Healthy Shopping Segment

The first step to healthy living is consuming healthy foods. Not knowing what healthy foods to buy can be a hindrance and confusing when taking the steps to live a healthy lifestyle. At this in-depth session, you’ll learn how to properly read labels and navigate through each aisle so that you’ll be confident every time you shop!  This is included in your first session.  

2 Wellness Sessions

The wellness coaching sessions will provide you with the guidance and motivation to make positive changes to your well-being. After each wellness session, you will have more clarity and feel empowered about living a healthy lifestyle. The session will also take you through the process of how to properly cleanse and detoxify your bowel system with the guidance of an Herbalist. First session is 2 hours and second session is 1 hour in length.


Bowel Detoxification

Did you know that most people are carrying around pounds of fecal matter stored in their colon?  The root of many ailments, including bowel diseases, is faulty bowel function and an imbalanced diet.  A vital step to healing and good health is detoxification of the bowel. The bowel is the monarch of the elimination systems. Through the use of natural supplements, the bowel cleansing program will assist with pulling out toxins and deposits to assist in returning the bowel to proper function.


Natural Skin Care

Your skin is the largest elimination organ and is often referred to as the third kidney. The skin eliminates about two pounds of toxic material a day. Taking care of the skin and making sure it functions properly decreases the toxic load on the body’s other elimination organs. With this segment, you will be furnished with the instruments to properly care for your skin to ensure optimal performance.


Nutrient Dense Supplement

The United States is one of the most overfed countries but is also one of the most malnourished nations.  It is medically a recognized fact that even minor deficiencies of one or more of the vital nutritive factors will lower the body’s resistance to disease and lead to a variety of health problems. Wellness Tune-up comes with a nutrient dense, plant-based supplement that is easy for the body to assimilate. This formula is a health-promoting energy source that provides all the proper elements to help you reach optimum health.


Intestinal Support

The bowel is the most important organ in the body to care for because good health starts in the bowel! When the bowel is not properly cared for, its responses become sluggish and underactive. Chronically constipated and sluggish intestines lead to autointoxication. If waste cannot be expelled and accrues in the body, disease walks in. Herbal intestinal support can help with the process of cleansing, strengthening and toning the bowel, so it is able to perform vital tasks.


Investment for 8 week program: $699 per person

Cost of program if broken into two payments:  $360 per month

  • Special introductory price effective until December 31, 2017.
  • Shipping is included!
  • Accepted form of payment:  Credit card, Paypal, Check or Money Order.