I would like to try one of the detoxification programs, but I’m scared.

With all the misconceptions surrounding detoxifications, most people are reluctant to try one. True, improper internal cleansing can be inefficacious or can leave you feeling indisposed. On the other hand, proper detoxification can increase levels of energy and vitality! The sole purpose of doing any type of cleansing or detoxification program is to get the ...

Is natural healing the same as faith healing?

No, natural healing is not the same as faith healing. Faith healing is founded on the belief that certain people can cure infirmities. Natural Healing utilizes the aids of whole foods, herbs, detoxification, positive thinking and exercise to boost your body’s recuperative powers to help you heal naturally.

Why would I need a Wellness Coach?

It is well known that many people don’t have the discipline, motivation or focus to adhere to a healthy regimen. Wellness coaching has been found to be very beneficial for individuals desiring to maintain or switch to a healthy lifestyle. Wellness coaching helps an individual to not only make immediate lifestyle changes but most importantly, ...

What is an Herbalist?

An herbalist is a holistic practitioner that helps individuals restore their health with the aid of natural herbs. Herbalists assist clients in removing factors which prevent the body from healing. Herbalists also give advice for promoting the body’s natural healing potential through the use of herbal formulas and by teaching a healthy lifestyle.