Get ready to change your life!


 Are you fatigued all the time with little to no energy?  Do you feel that your health needs improvement and you’re finally ready to do something about it?  Would you like to lose weight without counting calories?

Take back your life. Take control of your health and happiness today. The holistic programs offered at Heal Outside the Box will assist with improving your level of health and getting you on track to living a life you deserve!


Beginner’s Bliss

This 28-day program is tailored for individuals who are looking to jumpstart their health and learn the fundamentals of healthy living. Beginner’s Bliss also provides indispensable tools to help improve digestion, fine-tune a sluggish colon and nutrient dense herbs that are essential for cellular function.  Health starts here!

Start date:  Ongoing.  Appointment can be booked online.

Location:  In person.  Click link below for more info.

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Wellness Tune-up

If you are looking to tune-up your body but not quite ready for a full body detoxification program, the Wellness Tune Up is your perfect match! This 28 day program integrates the rudiments of healthy living with bowel detoxification. Bowel detoxification aids in better assimilation of nutrients, a boost of energy and a flatter stomach!

Next Start Date: September 2018

Location:  Online.  No travel required. *Available to select states

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 12 Week U-Turn   

The U-Turn program is a health building program that tackles your health challenges naturally and assists with meeting your health goals. U-Turn is a structured wellness plan for individuals who are passionate about making lasting changes to their lifestyle and enhancing their overall health. You’ll be provided with the tools, lifestyle action plan, and support to help you make a 180 degree turn with your life!

U-Turn also provides education on how to properly cleanse your detoxification and eliminative organs. Accumulated toxins and waste can have a negative impact on your health. Ridding your body of these disease-causing impurities will result in increased levels of energy and vibrant health!

Next Start Date: October 2018

Location:  Online.  No travel required. *Available to select states

N.A.F.D Plan   

The N.A.F.D. (Not A Fad Diet) Plan is a multi-faceted, mind-body approach to losing weight and keeping it off without adhering to an unrealistic “fad diet”.  What do toxicity, stress, overeating, and sugar cravings have in common?  They all attribute to weight gain and retention of unwanted pounds.  Heal Outside the Box is bringing to you an exclusive program that will assist in diminishing all four!

On the other hand, some individuals have difficulty losing weight due to hormonal complications and other non-dietary factors. With this program, we’ll get to the root of your weight loss barriers!  Not only will you lose weight with this program but you’ll achieve a higher level of health while doing so!

Next Start Date:  January 2019

Location:  Online.  No travel required. *Available to select states



Apart from the Master Reset Method, programs at Heal Outside the Box LLC are structured. If you would like to address particular concerns, would like minor program modifications or are on medication, a consultation is needed.

At the end of your consultation, we will then deliberate about what holistic solution would be best suited for you based on the information gathered.

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Master Reset Method

Reset your life and health with the Master Reset Method! This is a customized, holistic program for individuals who are serious in their endeavors to dramatically diminish health challenges and create powerful health!

The Master Reset Method is booked for the remainder of the year 2018.  Enrollment begins in February 2019.  This program is by referral only.  


*Programs are available to residents of the following states:  Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.