Healing Stories


U N E X P L A I N E D  I L L N E S S
&  H A I R  L O S S

Back in 2004, I was having a lot of health problems. I was unsure as to what was going on with me. My hair was falling out, my face broke out severely, I was losing weight by the second (although I was eating 3-4 meals a day) and the list of ailments goes on. I had the worst, unbearable menstrual cramps ever and I also had a history of asthma. At the time, I didn’t have the best health insurance. My family was helping me pay out of pocket (cash) to see the best doctors so that we could find out what was going on with me. I went to see 5 different doctors and none of them were able to give me a diagnosis or explain what was going on. All of my tests, including blood work, came back negative. The doctors sent me home with no answers or solutions. At such a young age, I felt in my heart I was going to die and that’s all I could remember thinking. I gave up trying in a sense, but I continued to pray for help.

In 2011, I had a consultation with Desireé who looked healthy, pretty and had big beautiful hair. By the time I finished talking to her that day, I decided I wanted to give her lifestyle and programs a try. I thought to myself, what did I have to lose? From that point on, my life had changed forever!! It wasn’t an “Easy Journey” but “Worth Every Second Journey”!! Taking her herbal programs have made my hair grow back longer and even thicker than before. My skin cleared up, my weight started to come back and my energy levels went out the roof. I went from having extremely severe menstrual cramps to barely any cramps at all!! I just couldn’t believe it!! I still, to this day, thank God for putting her in my life.

Desireé is truly an amazing person. She knows her stuff and is the most patient person I have ran across in a long time. She answered all my questions and took the time to explain natural healing. That’s what I needed…someone to take time out to care enough about me as a person.  It’s not about money with Desireé, even though I would have paid her triple the amount for this life changing experience.

Meeting Desireé, changing my diet and taking my herbs as recommended, have changed my life around completely!  As of 2018 (7 years later), this is still my lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I thank her year after year as I cleanse 2 times a year, as we should, for helping me get to this point in my life.

-Shirhonda L.




In March 2015, my mother Zita was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a serious and life threatening condition Cirrhosis.  We are originally from Slovakia and mother’s English is not very strong.  Therefore, I started doing some homework, asking lots of questions and seeking answers that would stabilize my mother’s health.  Of course, all of her doctors just recommended medication and no real solution to how her health was going to improve.  Since we live in Arizona, I remembered one of my employees in Las Vegas sharing her story with me when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and how she found Desireé who aided in bringing her health back.  I contacted her immediately asking for Desireé’s contact information and that is how the beautiful relationship started with all three of us.

My mother started the program and followed everything Desireé recommended for her road to recovery.  I have to admit she was a little hesitant on completely changing her eating habits and taking herbs.  But with Desireé’s patience and explaining everything in depth, my mother made the commitment.   For the past year and half, my mother has completely changed her life with Desireé and the results have been amazing!  In fact, every time she goes for her blood work or ultrasound to check the level of where the condition stands, the doctor is amazed that it has improved and stabilized.  He really can’t believe or even understand how that is possible with the severity of her condition.

From the bottom of my heart I am extremely thankful to Desireé for her patience, dedication, love, kindness, and caring nature with the people she works.  She is truly one of a kind gem!  I owe my mother’s health to her and I appreciate everything she has done for our family.

– Zita & Ingrid S.



W E I G H T  L O S S  &  H Y P E R T E N S I O N

I have had great success with Desireé and her weight loss program.  My weight had gotten out of hand.  I had gotten up to 340 pounds!  I was dealing with extreme stress in my life.  My sugar levels had gone up to three hundred!  I suffered from hypertension, I couldn’t sleep at night, and I had no energy.   I was a physical nightmare and I felt that my life was about to end.  I knew I needed to do something but I had no motivation.  I was knowledgeable on doing things naturally.  However, I wasn’t able to channel in a way to make a difference. After talking with Desireé, I found her to be very insightful on how to heal yourself naturally.  She was able to take my situation and provide for me a healthy focus that has made a difference.

After the completion of the 3-month Weight Loss Program, I lost 65 pounds!  To date, I lost 90 pounds total and I continue to drop weight by implementing her maintenance program.  My hypertension is gone and my sugar levels are normal!  My energy level is off the chart!  I feel a complete sense of well-being.   I exercise 4 to 5 times a week.   I work out a total of 1 to 2 hours at the gym each time I go.

What I enjoy about Desireé is her in depth knowledge on natural healing and eating habits.  She is able to quickly ascertain your health problem and provide a solution.  In my opinion this is a gift that she has. Desireé is a person who is serious about aiding you in your health and she expects her clients to be serious.  I enjoy working with Desireé because of her knowledge and tenacity in aiding one to achieve a constructive life change to benefit their health.  I haven’t felt this good in twenty years!  I highly recommend her if you are serious about changing your health in a positive way.

– Aaron H.



F I B R O M Y A L G I A  &  F R I E N D S!

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2012 during a routine operation to remove a cyst on my ovary. Then about 6 months later in May of 2013, I woke up to the full-blown pain of Fibromyalgia! I was barely able to walk and in a lot of pain. I declined pain pills because I knew the side effects and I didn’t want to get hooked on them.  Hypothyroidism decided to raise its ugly head a few years later and my doctor wanted me to take synthetic thyroid medication. I declined and tried natural things (animal based products) and it seemed to work initially, but symptoms came back after a year or so. As years went by, I gained weight, developed dark circles under my eyes and had all the other fun symptoms of hypothyroidism. Mid 2015 we can add lack of sleep and borderline cholesterol. By 2016 my endometriosis was so bad my OB/GYN wanted to either remove all my “stuff” or to put me on Lupron to throw me into menopause. Both options were to get rid of the Endometriosis that literally had superglued my uterus to the back of my body cavity! I declined and tried something natural for hormones which fixed that problem in 2-weeks, but I still had the Fibromyalgia. Mid 2017 we can add elevated blood pressure (out of the blue) and arthritis in both of my shoulders per MRI results. What a fun way to enter your mid 40’s! Yay for me! The more I researched trying to fix my condition, the more I became confused at my findings. My head was spinning! Even nutritionists seemed to contradict each other! Is there a solution?? I was TIRED of researching.

This was the point my husband, Scott, and I decided to do the Customized Cleanse. Desiree’ was able to calm any fears, be straightforward about what we need to do and helped me to understand what my body was doing. She is familiar with how the body works and knows her herbs! I mean, you can TELL by LOOKING at her, she IS what she teaches, and she genuinely cares for people! I thought, like a giant puzzle with my health, she has all the puzzle pieces figured out! She has separated fact from hype and separated things that do not work, from things that do work. Additionally, she has done what works to herself! So, I was happy to finally just hand over my health into her capable hands and stop stressing over all the contradictions of the internet.

Has it worked? YES!! I can sleep through the night and not wake up in pain! 80% of the arthritis pain is gone! 80% of Fibromyalgia, GONE at the end of the program and it continues to get better. No more anti-depressants, my period pain has diminished in addition to so many other things including hypothyroid issues. No more meds, over the counter pain killers, nothing. I am done ruining my body with this stuff. I also am oddly not bothered by things people around me do like I used to, as far as behavior and what I perceive they think about me. That is the best MENTAL improvement I have seen on this program.

I LOVE how I was able to hike 1.5 miles up and 1.5 miles down a mountain at Red Rock National Park in Nevada! I woke up the next day thinking I would be in so much pain. I wasn’t!  It was just “sore” muscle pain of a NORMAL person! I have lost a total of 30 pounds so far, with another 40 to go. Losing the pain from Fibromyalgia was the best part, yet being able to be active again is pretty hand in hand with what I would say is the best thing about this program. I love that I can walk long distances, work in the yard and exercise again.

I have my old self back as well. My husband commented that I am the “Carrie” he remembers with all kinds of energy. If you are ready to Heal Outside the Box of conventional pills and you actually want to get better, take it from me, the most SKEPTICAL yet logical person out there…. this works!

– Carrie M.


D I G E S T I V E  P R O B L E M S

When my wife, Carrie, and I first got to know Desireé, we were amazed by her personal victory over cancer. We soon came to realize that she was truly the most knowledgeable person we had ever met when it came to health and wellness matters.

She respects each person’s right to manage their own health and won’t push her ideas on anyone, but if you are serious about improving your health the natural way, she can be your best ally.

Cancer is a serious subject for me as I have lost multiple family members to this relentless killer. I firmly believe that the best way to deal with cancer is to do all you can to avoid getting it in the first place. There are no guarantees, Desireé survived it and that makes her worth listening to.

The first thing we learned was the many benefits of a plant based diet. Desireé has done her research and is a diet and nutrition expert. I had been living in a constant state of constipation, coupled with occasional bouts of diarrhea. With a combination of a healthier plant based diet and some herbal cleansing and detoxing, my digestive system is much happier. I “eliminate” daily now, instead of once every three days and without the drama.

We each did the whole-body program and Desireé was there for us every step of the way. She is very passionate about natural healing and will make sure that you get the best results possible. We each experienced different, but equally satisfying results. In addition to helping my digestion, I also noticed that my back, which always seemed to be hurting somewhere, now doesn’t bother me nearly as much. And if it does, it feels better much sooner. I have been an auto technician working with my hands for over 30 years. With Desireé’s help, I can still work a full day without the aches and pains that most of my peers have. At 50 many people joke about being old, but I honestly don’t feel or look like I’m “getting old”. My skin looks better, I have more energy and I still feel strong.

Probably the biggest value for me was the education. I learned so much from Desireé about how the body works and how to care for it, especially when it comes to the eliminative organs which are critical to good health. I now feel more confident heading into my 50s that I can manage my health much more successfully.

You can try getting healthier on your own, but there are so many conflicting opinions out there about this subject that it’s hard to know what to do. Having Desireé’s wealth of knowledge and experience as a wellness coach working for us has made this process a whole lot easier. We see this as an investment in in our health and are so glad we did it. Thanks again, Desireé.

– Scott M.



Heal Thyroid Challenges Naturally

Before I started Desireé’s wellness program (about 3 years ago) I was suffering from hormone related issues.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I was also experiencing very painful menstrual cycles.  I had severe memory loss, was always freezing cold (to the point it was painful), depression, fatigue, and I was starting to notice extra pounds sneaking up on me.  I started being unable to work and would burst out crying for “no reason.”  My friends and family started noticing that I was not acting the same.  It’s like I was only half there.

I was put on a thyroid medication and my symptoms began getting a lot worse after about 2 weeks.  My doctor told me to keep with it and that I should start feeling better eventually.  When a month went by and my symptoms became even more severe, I knew something wasn’t right.  The medication had sent me into what they call a “thyroid storm” and I could barely get through each day.

I remembered over hearing Desireé tell her story and how she healed herself with the use of herbs and lifestyle changes, so I went out on a limb and sent her a message to see if she could help me.  I appreciated the fact that on our first meeting she really dove deep into figuring out the root of my problem and asked me so many questions that no doctor ever had.

I followed the program start to finish and my life has not been the same since!  Sure enough, I no longer was experiencing those symptoms, I was feeling healthier and more alive than ever, and it only became easier and easier.  Four months later my tests came back normal.   I had my energy and my life back!  Eventually it was not a program, it was my lifestyle. I still strive to improve my health each and every day, even now.  I learned SO much more than just how to heal my thyroid.  I no longer feel like the health of myself or my family is out of my control.  Not only do I feel amazing, but I really enjoy the changes I have made to my diet and my lifestyle.  Those things that seemed like work in the beginning, I do with ease now.  I also learned that I used to think I was healthy, but I now realize those things I thought were good for me were quite the opposite.

The best thing about working with Desireé is that you can feel how much she genuinely cares about each one of her clients.  She is always there to answer any questions down the road, and if you need to modify something she will work with you to find a way.  She has been through it, and she understands every bit of what you are going through.  She would never tell you to do anything she doesn’t or wouldn’t do herself.

– Amber C.




I am 85 years old and a recovered cancer and diabetic client. I incurred cancer when I was 78.  Prior to that I enjoyed a healthy life as I engaged in athletics and flew military aircrafts in combat. When I was diagnosed as having cancer, the doctors gave me six months to live.  I went through a four month process of aggressive chemo, radiation and surgery.  The cancer was destroyed.  However, although the chemo was successful, it left me with a damaged bladder, nerves, and being a diabetic.  Needless to say, from the invasion of chemo into my body at the age of 78 until 84, I was on a downward spiral of energy depletion.  During the past 6 years, I became over-weight and the digestive tract was not functioning regularly.

In October 2012, I enrolled in a 12 week Herbal program at Heal Outside the Box.  My regimen in this program required me to use immunity herbal formula, herbal digestive aids, colon cleansing herbs, liver and cleansing aids.   All of this was supplemented with an organic plant-based nutritional supplement.   Of course, I had to make drastic changes in my diet and incorporated a wholesome food program.

The results of this 12 week program:

  • Regularity twice a day in relieving the digestive tract
  • No longer dependent on external insulin
  • Weight stabilized from 220 to 195
  • Bladder functions returning to normal
  • Blood pressure normal

Now at 85 I have energy to support my daily activities.  If you are suffering from illness, lack of energy and over-whelmed with prescriptions, I highly recommend this program for you.  It will change your eating habits in a successful way.

– Thomas H.



T I N N I T U S,  I N S O M N I A  &  A R T H R I T I S


My name is Rose and I’m 47. I had the pleasure and fortune of meeting Desireé 3 years ago.  Working with Desireé has been a wonderful journey to healing and has made me a believer of the body’s ability to heal itself via natural and holistic methods.  When I met Desireé, I was going through some health issues related to allergies, insomnia, tinnitus, pain/inflammation, respiratory problems, and immune issues that had me feeling very lethargic.  She told me of her remarkable story of healing and I was extremely inspired to try her cleansing program.

I must admit, at first I was a little reluctant but only because I am already small-framed.  I was worried about losing too much weight or feeling too weak.  Desireé explained that I would shed some weight at first but my body would acclimate the more I cleansed and changed my eating habits.  She assured me that I would eventually be able to maintain my ideal weight as well as feel more energy.  That it did, and doing the cleansing program several times a year has enhanced my life and health tremendously.

I work in a casino and had respiratory complications from severe second hand smoke exposure.  Desireé’s herbal formulas have improved my lung function greatly and I don’t get winded like I used to from simply climbing up a staircase.  The herbal formulas have also helped me immensely with the ear ringing and I no longer have trouble sleeping.  Rheumatoid arthritis runs in my family and I was beginning to feel early symptoms of it in my hands and elbows, but the pain and inflammation have gone away.  I’m at my ideal weight, I have renewed energy, and my health and quality of life have improved enormously!

People are always asking me where I get my energy from and I never hesitate to tell them about Desireé’s program and her story of healing.  Crossing paths with her has been one of those blessings in my life. She is very compassionate, has an easy approach, and it helps that she has a good sense of humor.  However, she expects you to take the program seriously because she is very passionate about what she does.  She genuinely wants her clients to improve their quality of life as she was able to do and she is living testimony that it can be done.  I hope that others will be fortunate enough as I have been to experience the joy and benefits of trying the program under her guidance.  Abundant blessings and Happy Healing, everyone!

– Rose V.



V E G A N  W I T H  W E I G H T  C H A L L E N G E S

Ever since I can remember, I had been unhappy with my weight.  Starting in my mid-teens, I was always trying the latest “get slim quick” diets.  Oh sure I would lose weight in the first month but by the time the second month rolled around, I had gained twice the amount of weight back.

In my 40’s, I decided to go vegan for two reasons.  One…I knew it was better for my overall health even though I was not taking any medications.  Two…to lose weight.  But guess what?  I was still over weight after being on a vegan diet for years.  In all this I realized the older I got, the more difficult it was to lose weight.  Then Desireé walked into my life.

She sat down with me and discussed my concerns and goals.  I just wanted to lose weight…sounded simple enough.  By the time our consultation was over (1 hour approximately), I had learned more in that hour about wellness and losing weight than I had in my life time!  So, I knew that it was going to take more than a pill, a shake or a bar to obtain healthy and long lasting weight loss.  I also realized that it was going to take work and a lot of commitment.  I was ready, because after all, I had been committing to an unhealthy eating regimen.  Turns out that I was eating “vegan junk food” (yeah, she set me straight)!!!

What I loved about my program is that the regimen was from head to toe and from inside to outside.  I started feeling more confident in the way I carried myself.  After two weeks I got a lot of compliments about how pretty my skin was and how young I looked.  Of course I was happy to hear this because it gave me assurance that I was doing something right. But better than that, I felt AMAZING!  I learned things that I will implement for the rest of my life.  Actually, the program has become my way of life.

Having a wellness coach is beneficial for so many reasons.  For one thing, now I must be accountable to someone but most of all Desireé cares.  The attention that Desireé gave made me feel as though I were her only client.  I will forever be grateful to Desireé for her compassionate, caring and kind nature.

In the end, I realized that what I thought was a “Weight Loss Program” is actually an understatement for the Life Lessons that Desireé provides…

– Marsha T.


R E C U R R E N T  U T I s

In January of 2015, I reached out to Heal Outside the Box because I was ready to start a cleansing and detoxification program.  Desireé started with a consultation of my current health issues.  She then created a wellness program specific to me, along with a detailed regimen to follow.

During my cleansing program, I got a urinary tract infection which, at the time, I had been struggling with for 20 years!  I had tried dozens of holistic remedies and nothing ever worked except antibiotics. I had given up on a holistic solution for UTIs.

Since we were in the middle of my program, Desireé informed me that it could be addressed naturally.  I continued to follow her wellness regimen even though I didn’t believe that my urinary tract infection could be healed.    Just when I thought I was going to give in to antibiotics, because of extreme pain and discomfort, I had a conversation with Desireé.  She explained to me about the process of a healing crisis.  After our discussion, I decided to keep following her instructions.  I felt worse before I felt better…. then boom…. UTI and symptoms were gone!!!

I had gone into this program to simply cleanse and detox my body.  I had no idea that I would find a holistic way to heal urinary tract infections. I didn’t realize how well the program worked until I stopped having UTIs.  I also had higher energy levels, even when I was operating on less sleep.  Since I was getting more nutrients into my system, I felt full and satisfied from less food.

I have been sharing my Heal Outside the Box experience with family, friends, and strangers.  I am looking forward to starting the new year with another program!

– Karen S.



L O W  E N E R G Y  &  F A T I G U E

I sought out the help of a holistic practitioner because I had low energy levels and I felt extremely tired all the time.  I am a mother of four children so it’s essential that I feel energized and equipped for the day.  I tried taking over the counter vitamins and supplements to no avail.  I tried incorporating an exercise regimen and even going to bed early. However, I still felt exhausted and heavy.

I was enthusiastic about starting a wellness and holistic program from Heal Outside the Box because I was ready for a change.  It was everything I needed and more!  Not only did I get energy to sustain me throughout the entire day, I felt revitalized and I even lost inches around my waist!  My skin was also beautiful and radiant!

My wellness coach was amazing!  It was like she was with me every step of the way.  She answered emails right away and gave detailed instructions for my daily wellness regimen.  Desireé is very professional and passionate about the wellness program.  Her excitement and motivation encouraged me throughout the entire course!

I loved the food program and have good eating habits because of this holistic course.  Heal Outside the Box gave me the tools I needed not only for the duration of the course but for a lifetime.  I highly recommend seeking out services from Heal Outside the Box!  The programs will have you looking and feeling good on the inside as well as out.

– Tiffany R.