Rooibos Tea

Green Tea comprises a notable list of health benefits.  It’s a compelling tea consumed by millions across the globe.  For individuals who are rummaging around for a wholesome tea but are ultra sensitive to caffeine, Green Tea may not be an ideal choice.  How about a nutritious tea which has 50 times more potent anti-oxidant properties than Green Tea without the caffeine?  Let me introduce to you Rooibos, a magnificent tea originating in South Africa.  Rooibos has a woody, engaging aroma complemented with an earthy, nutty and mildly sweet flavor.  This is undoubtedly one of my most beloved teas with immeasurable health benefits!

It contains healthy amounts of Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C, Potassium and several other important minerals.  Rooibos has strong anti-mutagenic components which are surmised to be responsible for inhibiting chromosomal breakdown.  Rooibos Tea is also incredible for your skin!  It contains alpha-hydroxy acid, known to promote healthy skin. Studies have shown Rooibos to be effective against various dermatological conditions, including acne and eczema.   It’s abundant in superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that scavenges for superoxide (a common free radical) and protects against oxidant induced damage.   As we get older and experience cutaneous aging, SOD levels decline.  SOD is one of the key components for the production of healthy skin building cells.  No wonder Rooibos tea is considered to be an anti-aging tea!

Rooibos has anti-spasmodic, adaptogenic, anti-allergic, and anti-viral properties.  It’s reported to help relieve insomnia, cramps, constipation, depression, asthma, allergic symptoms and to boost the immune system.  I can go on ceaselessly about Rooibos Tea but unfortunately I’m out of time.  Organic Rooibos Tea (Green Rooibos and Red Rooibos) is an extremely nourishing selection for all caffeine-free tea drinkers!