Tulsi – Holy Basil

Over a year ago, a close friend of mine came to visit me at my home one afternoon.  She was under a GREAT deal of stress that day.  I could perceive from her demeanor that she was overly anxious and anxiety-ridden too.  She could barely sit down!   Instead of getting annoyed by her shaky, impatient attitude that derived from stress, I was empathetic and offered her some tea.  Within ten minutes of drinking the tea, she was extremely relaxed, tranquil and more focused.  It dawned on her that her behavior changed and she became inquisitive as to what was in the tea.  I initially gave her an evil smile to mess with her but then I revealed the brilliant herb: Holy Basil also known as Tulsi.


Tulsi has adaptogenic properties which simply helps you…adapt.  Adaptogens are known to aid in increasing the body’s resistance to stress and anxiety.  When your body is stressed, it activates your adrenal gland which in turn releases the chemical cortisol.  Adaptogens come to the rescue by assisting in the reduction of cortisol and helping to nourish the adrenals.  Tulsi is also believed to balance endocrine hormones and to help boost your natural immunity.  These are just a few of the many chemical constituents that Tulsi possess.  This herb has helped me out incalculably when I needed to unwind.  Of course with healing your body naturally, you need to get to the root of stress whether it’s environmental or internal.  However, herbs can be of great assistance in times of need 😉