The Power of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a hot chili pepper that’s well-known throughout the culinary world to bring spiciness and a fiery zing to various cuisines.  In the natural healing world, it is recognized as being one of the greatest medicinal herbs on the planet!  Here are some examples of how Cayenne pepper can come to the rescue…


Bleeding Wounds and Cuts

I educate all of my clients about herbs and their magnificent healing powers. They trust and have full confidence in my knowledge, even when I make suggestions that may sound extremely bizarre.  For example, I tell my clients to always have powdered Cayenne in their homes for first aid applications. Cayenne?  First aid?  How can Cayenne be beneficial in first aid situations?  When you are bleeding externally, you can stop the bleeding by dumping Cayenne powder on a cut or wound.  Raise your hand right now if you think I’m nuts and trying to torture you. You didn’t raise your hand…did you?  Anyway, when I share this first aid procedure, I hear pure silence as if I told everyone to jump in a lake of fire.  When I reassure my clients that this method doesn’t burn at all, they look mystified.  Before long, I’m hearing stories at our sessions on how they used Cayenne powder to stop external bleeding and how the wounds healed much faster!


Passing Out and Fainting (Syncope)

From my experience, teenagers are the most stubborn when it comes to consuming herbal formulas.  My second oldest niece is in her late teens and would always say little sardonic comments about the efficacy of herbs.  I would give her friendly reminders that I’m living proof of how herbs can be extremely powerful when used properly.  Well folks, one day something happened that forever changed her entire outlook on “nasty tasting herbs that are hocus pocus”…

A couple of years ago, I was visiting my family in Chicago.  This particular niece had picture day at school and asked if I could do her make-up that morning.  I told her to grab a chair but she insisted on kneeling instead.  Halfway into doing my niece’s makeup, I saw her swaying from side to side then all of a sudden she started to pass out.  I immediately clutched her, grabbed my Cayenne tincture from my bag, and dropped a few droppersful in her mouth.  She instantly regained alertness and said “Wow!” She was in amazement at the power of Cayenne and kept talking about it the entire day.  Before I wrote this blog entry, I asked my niece about her current viewpoint on herbs.  She said herbs are surprisingly effective plants, energizing, pretty cool but still nasty.  I think it’s safe to say, my niece is now a believer…ha!



Drinking a teaspoon of Cayenne mixed with warm to hot water will assist in stopping nosebleeds.  Stuffing the area between your gums and upper lip with paper towel helps also.

The healing power of Cayenne is endless.  This prodigious herb could help improve and save your life.  If only you knew all of the remarkable capabilities of Cayenne, you would have greater appreciation for this fiery herb!